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From Nature Texture - TOMURA Ceramic Tiles

Tao Muran is part of a letter of Foshan City Ceramics Co. Ltd,Foshan Youxin Ceramics Co. Ltd is committed to providing woodenly closer to nature large modern enterprise ceramic products for consumers around the world. From its inception will focus on wood brick original eco-style product design, development and production, through effective action and sedimentation time gradually laid  Foshan Youxin Ceramics Co. Ltd  position known brands in the industry. And it won the "Guangdong wood blocks before the top three brands" in the second session of antique tiles Forum.

 With the strength of strong enterprises, has from Italy introduced a world-class production equipment, precision measuring instruments and testing of high-quality raw materials, and the formation of the famous design of the elite gathering of professional design team and strict quality control system for the majority of provide consumers with exquisite workmanship, excellent quality, fashion design meet the needs of the modern consumer aesthetic ceramic products,Foshan Youxin Ceramics Co. Ltd to have wood tiles, antique tiles, glazed tiles whole K BRIC four series product as the core of a mature system . Complete product specifications, color range. Wherein wood brick product is its high imitation precious wood species in nature texture, uneven surface quality, realistic effects, as well as step up wood texture have access to the domestic market, excellent sales results. Because professional so prominent, pottery woodenly each product available, it will become the focus of industry attention. Future, Foshan Youxin Ceramics Co. Ltd  in professional wood blocks on the basis of business advantage for consumers to bring more modern ceramic products.

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